14 Ways to Ensure Your Wedding is Sustainable

Sustainability can be found in many life situations from exciting events like parties and weddings through to the more mundane activities such as cleaning the house. It’s important when arranging a wedding to avoid waste by only spending money on those things that are essential for a nice wedding.  Hiring a photo booth can save on costs as well as being an eco friendly choice because it will also save on the use of fuel, since it provides an opportunity for guests to download their photos online.

Here are some more ways to have a wedding that is eco-friendly.

  • Use recycled paper for the wedding invitations and table name cards.
  • Use linen or organic cotton napkins and tablecloths rather than disposable paper ones.
  • Use LED lighting or candles at the reception. Soy or honeycomb candles burn cleanly, without the black soot residue in some other kinds.

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