How to Combat Sensitive Teeth

Around 45 percent of Australian households have at least one member with sensitive teeth. According to many dentists, having sensitive teeth means that whenever you expose them to cold or hot drinks, cold air, or even during some dental procedures, you experience a sharp and short pain.

The most common cause of sensitive teeth is gum recession. If you brush your teeth too hard or are in the running for periodontal disease, gums recede, and small openings in your tooth’s root may become exposed and opened further by food and beverages. The open holes then expose your nerves which can cause discomfort.

However, there can be several other reasons for sensitive teeth, which means the best way to combat it is to take a trip to the dentist and find out if you have any other underlying problems. Depending on the results of your check-up, the following desensitising methods could help.

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